Smooth Dolphin

You have landed here because you have decided you need to
read about the distinctly average things in a notably standard and¬†insignificant persons life. So why should you read on? “Well” I say, “good question!”

But my personal opinion, (which I shall be unapologetically inflicting upon you over the pages to follow) is that you can read a biography on virtually anyone who has ever been on TV, but when was the last time you saw something online which you could truly relate to?

So I provide you with Smooth Dolphin and my cynical and sarcastic take on the life of a standard guy, on the complications and blessings that I experience in my “normal “life & the world from a typical blokes point of view.

I write this for 3 reasons:

  1. In todays society, this is more socially acceptable for a man than keeping a diary.
  2. This has an advantage over talking to friends down the pub because as much as you shout your rational and well reasoned arguments at your screen, I cant hear all the reasons I am wrong.
  3. Hopefully this will make you more at ease about the weird, wonderful and ridiculous things in your life too.